Welcoming Grace by Lina Alattar
Lina Alattar

My painting process is deeply influenced by 5Rhythms, a dance philosophy based on movement, creativity, and connections. They are comprised of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. Using acrylic paint, each painting starts with the flow of gestures by pouring and layering foundational color fields. From there, I transition into staccato and chaos, inviting expansive movements and brushstrokes. With deep observation, I shift to the lyrical stage of the process by looking for patterns and cycles, searching for visual clarity and balance. This leads to the final stage of stillness, a surrendered state of being with my work. 

Growing up in several cultures and environments, I became attuned to each place’s rhythms and flow. One by one, these influences make their way into my abstract paintings, as they become the visual and energetic basis of my artistic practice.

The synthesis of my life’s travels and curiosity connects me to a dynamic
yet lyrical quality of my work; and like a dance, it becomes the roadmap to
everywhere I want to go.

Welcoming Grace
Lina Alattar
36" x 24"
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