Fire Light by Chris Lundy
  • Chris Lundy

  • Title:Fire Light
  • Inventory#:LU000001
  • Size:30" x 20"
  • Medium:Acrylic
  • Price:$1,900
  • In ‘Fire Light’ Chris has developed a modern Avant-Garde technique to create his ‘Dimensional’ series. With the manipulation of resin Chris sculpts his shapes. This delicate process is akin... READ MORE
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Chris Lundy

Lundy’s artwork is all about reflection. The glue that holds Lundy’s collection together and truly separates him from his artistic counterparts is the multi-dimensional, luminescent, color changing, light refracting properties found in every new creation. Lundy's mastery of the Modern Illuminist technique means that viewers literally see themselves in his work. Modern Illuminism, while contemporary in approach, traces its roots to Renaissance painter Matthias Grünewald and later to masters such as Rembrandt and William Turner. The technique is defined by the art of reflecting light through painting. Through the use of innovative materials, Lundy has pushed Modern Illuminism to new depths. 

Thanks to his unbridled enthusiasm and the deep desire to rise to the top of the art world at an early age Lundy began experimenting with earnest in his early twenties. His studies have taken him to Paris, France and throughout Spain. He resides in both Colorado and Hawaii, finding inspiration in both beautiful locales. Many viewers mistake Lundy’s works for blown glass, sand, geodes, marble or other beautiful, naturally occurring materials that have been manipulated and shaped into form on canvas. The three-dimensional quality of Lundy’s work comes from the fact that his pieces are anywhere from a single layer to fifteen layers deep. Each carefully constructed layer of color glistens and refracts from the canvases he works on, bouncing light back into the rooms in which they hang.

Every Lundy piece changes dramatically with the amount of lighting shown on the painting and the angle from which it is viewed, giving his work a chameleon-like effect as viewers walk past the work. Resin is the main component in each of Lundy's new originals. Both shiny and clear, the material is often referred to as liquid glass. In Lundy’s work layers of color seemingly float over underlying layers. Each piece beckons the viewer to look closely in order to discover the base layers of the painting. Lundy says, “I love this beautiful Earth on which we live and I choose to reflect the love I have onto canvas for the entire world to see.”

Fire Light
Chris Lundy
30" x 20"
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